What is an Independent Distribution Company?

I’m glad you asked!  An IDC is an Independent Distribution Company.  We perform many of the functions of organizations you may be familiar with, like IMOs and FMOs (Independent Marketing Organizations and Field Marketing Organizations) but there are some significant differences.

The primary job of IMOs and FMOs is to distribute insurance products – period. On the other hand, Kestler Financial Group, as an Annexus Group Partner, does so much more.  For example:

  •  We develop proprietary products with the goal of putting more money in your client’s pocket.
  • We file for and receive patents on our proprietary designs like daily pricing on an index annuity and IUL.
  • We partner with firms like J. P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Ibbotson, Zebra Capital Management, and  Barclays to develop proprietary indices.
  • We offer FIA products on two carrier chassis (Athene and Nationwide) and an IUL product with Minnesota Life and Securian – all with proprietary Annexus engines.
  • We provide a solution for reps who may be unhappy with their current BD or RIA relationship to affiliate with one of the largest and best run securities branch offices in the country.
  • We offer solutions not only for the independent insurance agent but also for broker/dealers, registered reps and RIAs.
  • We provide intensive training on practice management, technology solutions and staff selection.
  • We help advisors with branding their practice with web design, brochures and stationery.
  • We build automated drip marketing campaigns at no cost for our key producers.

So, by dealing with an IDC, you get all the above and more.  Or, you can settle for an IMO – your choice.