The Right Products For You And Your Clients

You’ll have a hard time finding a more comprehensive offering of wealth management products than those offered by Kestler Financial Group. As a founding member of Annexus, we’ve established a position of leadership that means more opportunity for you.

Insurance products

By aligning with Kestler Financial, you’re with a company considered to be a premier partner with every carrier we are affiliated with. Unlike companies that offer hundreds of insurance products (or are wholly owned by an insurance company), we are independently owned. As a Kestler-affiliated agent, you won’t have an insurance company pulling your strings or pushing less-competitive proprietary products on you. We offer products only after thorough due diligence.

If a product is in the marketplace and meets our standards, it is likely we have access to it.

Kestler Financial is proud to have preferred partnerships with The Annexus Group, Market Synergy Group, and Collabrix.

Your success in mind

We offer you more than any other leading IMO, which is why we are not an IMO but rather an Independent Distribution Company (IDC). Why so much focus on you, the agent, first? With your success, ours is ensured.