Helping Seniors Protect Their Assets

Their high ethical standards and superior service allow me to run my business without having to look over my shoulder.
— Bill Gammon, Towson, MD

What does the fact that people are living longer, healthier lives have to do with you? As a financial advisor, you’ll be helping people manage their wealth to protect assets through 20-30 years of retirement. This is unprecedented and requires new strategies for investment.

Senior Strategy Seminars (SOS)

Seminars are an effective and non-threatening way to reach prospects. They’re free to the prospects who have self-selected to attend, so they’re already looking for help with their investments.

Whether you are an accomplished public speaker or embarking on a new experience, we have charted out a comprehensive course for you. The Senior Strategies (SOS) Seminar Program helps you to:

  • Methodically plan your seminar event, from concept to execution.
  • Deliver a strong, compliance-approved program.
  • Conduct effective client interviews to aid in managing their wealth.
  • Discover innovative closing techniques, designed for the senior market.

As an agent, you can’t afford to ignore this market. As a Kestler Financial registered rep, we’ll help you meet the challenge.