Our Rockstars

Tom and Jason Kestler

Tom and Jason Kestler took an unconventional approach when building Kestler Financial Group. Since they started out where you are, as producers, they knew they had to create a strong, producer-focused firm. They concentrated on recruiting a stellar team of customer and service focused individuals who want to provide you, the advisor, with the best tools and products to support your business but, moreover, to deliver an outstanding experience to your clients!

Additionally, Tom and Jason felt that Kestler Financial was not going to grow on a flimsy foundation of false promises and faux support. That being said, they were not seduced by the quick success of appointing huge numbers of agents. While many of the competitors focused on quantity, Tom and Jason strategically partnered with top producers who mirrored the integrity and core values they strived to uphold in their business model. That strategy has followed the company into nationally-acclaimed partnerships such as Annexus, which kicked off in 2006 with the most successful annuity launch in history!

Our first year generated $1.125 billion in business with 3,300 agents who we proudly supported as their businesses successfully grew through our strategic partnerships.

Meet The Band

Kestler Financial’s diversified and solid foundation gives us a most unique value proposition – we truly identify with our advisors. We passionately strive to grow our business on the core principles of providing our advisors with nationally recognized, powerful products which positions them as a leader in the industry. All the while, maintaining personable and supportive relationships by respecting each individual advisors and their respective marketing needs. Give us a call and you might enjoy marching to the beat of a different drummer!

Tom Kestler, Chief Marketing Officer aka “Big Kahuna” – the Kahuna of Kestler, he shares 30+ years of industry expertise and wisdom with a passionate heart so our Advisors can grow and develop into top producers!
Jason Kestler, President & CEO aka “Head Cheerleader” – the driving force (on a his trusty scooter) behind the energy, excitement and ingenuity that makes Kestler Financial a great fit for our Advisors!
Peggy Richardson, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing aka “Hot Wheels” – with her passion for staying ahead of the pack, Peggy strives to be on the cutting edge of FIA product knowledge and services to keep her Advisors in first place with their clientelle!
Shelley Johnson, Director of Case Management aka “Guru of the Daily Grind” – with the gift of patience and kindness, Shelley oversees the day to day tasks of appointing new advisors and managing daily business at a highly efficient speed that comes from being an expert in her field.
Lesa Kestler, Human Resources Director aka “Mission Control” – at the helm of the KFG Control Panel, Lesa ensures that our employees have a stress free environment to call “home” by expertly managing our internal resources.
David Ocasio, Senior Wholesaler aka “Head Honcho of Wholesale” – with over 10 years of experience under his belt at Kestler Financial, David is a wealth of information and will support his advisor’s with a Fiesta of FIA product and more.
Chris Knox, Internal Wholesaler aka “The All-American” – with unshakeable core values of service before sales bundled with a “can do” work ethic, Chris can easily take the ball and drive it into the “in zone”. This all-star attitude transcends into his relationships with advisors as he helps them with challenging client needs and marketing solutions.
Sara Fredrickson, Annuity Case Manager, aka “Case Crusader” plays a significant role in supporting our agents and advisors during their initial carrier appointments and contracting. Her fiesty edge and determined work ethic marry to create superior backoffice support when processing this critical part of our workflow. Sara’s love of the outdoors, travel and wineries makes her a perfect addition to our family and our firm. Welcome Home, Sara!
Stephanie Riefsnyder, Relationship Manager AKA "Lifeliner" – Stephanie joined the KFG family in Oct. of 2016 and brought 10+ years of experience in insurance services. She also arrived with a sunny disposition and has quickly become a terrific mentor to both our team and our advisors in our Life Support division.
Bruce Bibb, Senior Wholesaler aka “Annuities Sensei” – often found in his dojo of dynamic FIAs, Bruce dominates with product knowledge and a yen for sharing that with Advisors to enlighten their client experiences.
Amy Kniseley, Director of Life Insurance aka “Chief Resident” – having built an extraordinary reputation in her 20+ years in the insurance industry, Amy brings vital support to the heartbeat that is Kestler Financial Services. As the head of an evolving department, Amy’s mastery in her field makes her both a good steward to the industry and an instinctual leader to our team and our clients. Let Amy’s Life Support Services resuscitate your business!
Brad Vinson, Graphic Designer aka “Da Vinci of Design” – channeling creative genius and matching it with a positive commitment to quality and client satisfaction, Brad is helping our advisors make an impact with their marketing.
Chris Fletcher, Internal Wholesaler AKA "I am Groot" - As a graduate of Penn State, Chris has a strong hospitalities background paired with a career in banking. These two experiences blend perfectly as Chris provides our advisors with strong client support and product knowledge. In his spare time, he daydreams about Guardians of the Galaxy.
Kristin Shea, SeniorWholesaler aka “DJ KShea” – Kristin spends her days mixin’ enthusiasm and energy to deliver top FIA products and marketing support which will make you a mover and shaker in the industry!
Jay Rocheleau, Senior Wholesaler aka “Captain of the Team” – with his goodhearted, competitive drive and lively team spirit, Jay is just the right guy to hit a home run for your firm, with varsity level experience and knowledge on the FIA field!
Melissa Rubal, Annuity Case Manager AKA "Case Queen" - Melissa has 7+ years of professional experience in the financial industry. Prior to starting her career with Kestler Financial Group, she was a Financial Supervisor, Training Instructor and an Office Administrator with Navy Federal Credit Union. Melissa is a native to Loudoun County and lives in Leesburg with her son and a sweet dog. In her spare time, she enjoys DIY projects.
Emily Kestler, Senior Case Manager aka “Miss Hollywood” – one of the bright faces at Kestler Financial who most often appears in our training and tutorial videos to welcome and guide our Agents on a successful path!
Ashley Reilly, Events Manager aka “Miss Congeniality” is our first line of defense, armed with a vivacious smile and multi-tasking skills that put a swiss army knife to shame. Ashley joins our team to facilitate a great first impression when advisors call into our office, visit for training events and call with critical needs. She knows how to make each advisor feel like a priority all while supporting our office team and daily operations with tenacity and timeliness. Welcome Home, Ashley!

Recognized leadership

Kestler Financial’s unique management style and leadership have been featured in magazines such as, Inc., Direct Marketing, Fortune Small Business, and Senior Market Sales. More recently, one of their proudest professional moments was when Kestler Financial was named one of the fastest-growing-companies by Inc. Magazine.

From the start, we focused on three concepts:

  1. Building solid, lasting relationships with top producers in the industry

  2. Creating a new customer service model that puts the producer’s needs ahead of the insurance carriers’

  3. Offering products and innovative marketing concepts that would help our producers become more successful

Our Teams Work For You

The Predictive Index

Because our name is on everything we do, we are very selective about the team of professionals handling your business. Before ever receiving a paycheck, each prospective Kestler Financial employee undergoes a thorough personality assessment: The Predictive Index (PI). This helps us to know how best to train, position, and manage the team that supports you in the field. To get more information about The Predictive Index, contact us.

All of our marketers are insurance-licensed and are encouraged to pursue additional licensure and industry certifications.

The case managers who handle your submissions visit every insurance carrier we work with to build relationships with their home office counterparts. When they are working with the carrier on your behalf, they already have established rapport with the people processing your business. Our metrics show this results in less time between submission and commission.

Best group I have worked with in my 28 years in the business.
— Bill Jontz, Nashville, TN

This is not just talk. In one way or another, all of our employees are provided with incentives that are based on your success. Our organization and the individuals within it do not succeed unless you succeed. This agent first attitude will be apparent in every interaction you have with Kestler Financial.